Steve Brammer is a UK ex-pat living in Västerås, Sweden. During the day he works as an IT Consultant for Capgemini, writing and designing Java webapps for corporate clients and is particularly skilled in the area of Document Management (mainly with the EMC/Documentum product stack). He's happy with his job, but if you'd like to make him a better offer, check out his CV and get in touch.

In the evenings and at weekends he listens to music on Spotify where he also helps out the moderators in Spotify's community forum.
He also likes drinking beer (especially real ale) and occasionally single malt whisky, and probably spends way too much time at The Bishops Arms pub where Jocke the bar manager stocks a fantastic selction of both.

Steve was born in Sheffield in the north of England but grew up later in the cathedral town of Canterbury. He came to Sweden about 10 years ago, because of his job, and liked it so much he decided to stay. He is currently residing in the town of Västerås situated on lake Märlaren about 100km west of Stockholm.

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